Lola Glass

The Youngest Street Artist in the World

Lola Glass is ten years old, and already she’s spray-painted murals from Coney Island to Art Basel in Miami. But this accomplished preteen would rather be recognized for her work than her age. Taking inspiration from other street artists like Jerkface, London Kaye and Keith Haring, Glass is a member of Joe Ficalora’s Bushwick Collective—a vast outdoor gallery where artists from all over the world blanket the walls in murals. In fact, it was Ficalora who first caught Glass drawing on a mural by the street artist Beau Stanton. But instead of yelling at her, he simply asked her to join. Now the artist tags whenever she pleases. When she’s not skateboarding or getting homeschooled, that is.

“You’re never too young or too old to do anything you would like to do.”
—Lola Glass

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