Katie Sturino

The Plus-Size Fashion Blogger Turned Beauty Entrepreneur

Just two years ago, Katie Sturino was working full-time in fashion PR when she did an interview with Man Repeller about how to pick and choose trends for your body type. She was totally caught off-guard by the reader response: Women were craving more representation in the plus-size space. With that in mind, The 12ish Style, a website dedicated to finding style at any size, was born.

Since then, Sturino has added the body-inclusive beauty line Megababe to her résumé, and hopes to cut through the stigmas to help all women feel great about who they are and how they look.

“I think Megababe Thigh Chafe Stick and the Boob Sweat Spray are such an emotional purchase for women because it gives them freedom to say, ‘I’m not weird for having these problems. Other women have these problems. It’s not taboo.’”
—Katie Sturino

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