Kaily Nash

The Business Maven Bringing Partnerships to Life

Behind every knockout branded campaign, there’s an exceptionally clever human pulling the levers and making it all happen. For GreenLight Media & Marketing (a subsidiary of Live Nation) that wizard is Kaily Nash, the savvy account director who’s responsible for executing the company’s biggest campaigns, from collaborations with the Grammys to Hilton’s “Music Happens Here” campaign.

When did you realize what you wanted to do in your life?

“I want to be and do a thousand different things. I have had anything but a traditional path to get where I am. I almost failed out of high school, I almost failed out of college...I talked my way through changing grades and convinced the dean of students to let me graduate. My first job was in a male-dominated sports industry, and from there I became the youngest sales manager at a ski resort. After managing summer weddings at the resort, I took a job at an event firm that I was fired from seven months in, going on to run my own marketing and event company with numerous successes.

“Before making my move to L.A., I led experiential projects at Arnold Worldwide and built game-changing partnerships with entities like Formula 1, Tribeca Film Festival and Comic Con. I’ve worked with clients in non-profits, banking, insurance, solar energy, sports, hospitality, start-ups, consumer beverages and now in the music space, running multimillion-dollar integrated programs and partnerships for GreenLight, a company affiliated with Red Light Management and Live Nation. Why limit yourself to one thing?

“What I do know is that I always want to be working with people that are smarter than I am, building things that no one else is doing and finding a way to make an impact...all while having a little bit of fun. My theory is to learn as much as you can about as many things as you can and keep growing and building from there.”

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

“I’ve had some incredible things come to fruition in my life, from winning multiple Clio Awards for a major program I led to working with top-name artists to moving across the country not knowing anyone to being on this list!

“However, my biggest accomplishment to date isn’t something tangible. It was the confidence I found when I turned 30. I’m not talking about ego-boosting confidence—I had enough of that already. I’m talking about the confidence that actually makes you more humble and more human. I have never had a problem voicing my opinions, or inserting my recommendations, and in my early 20s I could come off as a complete bitch.

“With 30 I learned to be more diplomatic, more of a team player, and it came with understanding how much I still need to learn. Coming into my own and being completely comfortable with who I am. Allowing me to be a truly authentic individual, both in work and in my personal life.”

What are you most grateful for?

“Game-changing mentors: I have had four people in my life that have changed it significantly and helped propel me forward, two teachers and my last two bosses. You have to be coachable and be willing to hear how you can improve. You have to form relationships with your mentors where you can be completely open with them and take constructive feedback.

“Great clients: There has been a lot of fun had with my clients, and most of them have been invaluable partners. Currently I am working with the founder/CEO of a consumer beverage start-up company, Outlaw Energy. He is building a multimillion-dollar business, and I get to be a partner with him in doing that. Learning and advising on everything from investors, music partners, marketing, digital, social, you name it. If we have thought about it, then we have started to build it.

“An amazing team: The people I get to work for and with are unparalleled in what they do. The partners of GreenLight are some of the best in the business in terms of strategy, creative and program development. They are masterminds at building effective ways of solving problems for our clients. No one can solve every problem themselves. Having a team you trust and can turn to for their expertise is the only way to remain successful and continue building innovative programs.”

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