Camilla Marcus

The Woman Giving Back Through Food

One step into Camilla Marcus’s west~bourne café in New York City’s Soho neighborhood and you can feel the California roots. The L.A. native with an impressive list of credentials (graduate of the French Culinary Institute, JD/MBA from NYU, business development for Danny Meyer) has expanded on the concept of a healthy-minded restaurant and added a smart business component—one that gives back to her community.

“It blends the two things I’m most passionate about: hospitality and taking care of others.”
—Camilla Marcus

One percent of every purchase goes through the Robin Hood Foundation to a local organization called The Door. The west~bourne team invests in hospitality retraining for youth in the neighborhood and then hires from that very program. Add to that great food (hello, Mushreuben and Center Your Chia pudding) and it’s safe to say that Marcus has struck gold on the East Coast.

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