Amber Vittoria

The Illustrator Redefining How We See the Female Form

New York City–based illustrator Amber Vittoria describes her style as “airy, colorful, whimsical and powerful.” And she’s been so successful—working for the likes of Teen Vogue, The New York Times and CB2—that she’s been able to go freelance full-time this year. “It’s definitely easier for me to communicate through art,” Vittoria explains as she draws a series of faces in our Long Island City studio—faces she remembers from her subway ride that morning.

Vittoria is known specifically for those profiles: the small head and handlike nose, juxtaposed with overtly extended limbs and rounded features. “The face connects the figure that I’m portraying to the audience as a human being, as a woman,” says Vittoria.

“I leverage really bright colors and make sure my pieces are very inviting so people feel comfortable and able to come into the piece. I want them to have those uncomfortable conversations that they otherwise would not be having.”
—Amber Vittoria

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