Amanda Oleander

The Artist Whose Quirky Illustrations Depict Real Love

Amanda Oleander is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work you may have first spotted on E! Entertainment, where she took up residence as an in-house illustrator back in 2014. Fast-forward to today and Oleander’s commercial work has graced the pages of Vanity Fair and New York Magazine, her prints are available through major retailers like Wayfair, and she just designed the Gloria Steinman x Lipstick Lobby packaging that helped raise awareness and funds for the UnPrison Project.

But it’s her Instagram account that’s caught our attention. It’s there that Oleander curates a collection of illustrations that all relate back to the same idea: Love is more than a fairy tale. Instead, Oleander shows that love is actually found in a series of everyday mundane moments, whether with a partner, a pet or yourself (because what’s more important than self-love, right?).

When did you realize what you wanted to do in your life?

“In my second year of college, I took an art class and met people who were majoring in fine arts. I don’t know why it never dawned on me that I could be an artist for a living. It was always my passion. I’ve been taking classes and winning awards for my art since kindergarten. After my first art class, I switched my major and realized I was meant to be an artist. I graduated with a fine arts degree.”

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

“One of my biggest goals in life was to be my own boss by age 25. I would have to say that is my biggest accomplishment work-wise.”

What does being a woman mean to you today?

“It means I have more opportunities than the women before me and I have to continue to help other women around me because there is still much more to accomplish.”

What advice do you have for other women working toward their own dreams?

“Save money to support your dream. If you have to get two or three jobs, not hang out with friends and eat home-cooked meals for a couple months, so be it. Listen to your inner voice. Do everything with good intentions and from the heart. Educate yourself in whatever it is that you love and then do it thousands of times. Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. You don’t have to take that one literally, but you get the point. Keep at it every single day and you will only get better and learn more.”

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Desert island question: If you could bring only three things, what would they be?

“A picnic basket filled with yummy food, my boyfriend and a private plane with a pilot so we can leave when we are ready.”

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