Abby Adesanya

The Creative Bringing Back the Storytelling Salon

Abby Adesanya is a master storyteller, and she uses that skill every day as a brand marketer at Condé Nast. But that’s just her nine-to-five. It’s her side hustle that truly fuels her creativity. In October 2017, Adesanya created the women’s literary club Novella—an outlet that’s all about creating a space where women can respond to the world through written and spoken word.

As opposed to traditional book clubs, Novella has three mandates: You must write, you must be willing to share and you must be curious. At monthly salons, attendees are encouraged to share their writing in groups and keep the conversation going by responding to monthly writing prompts. Part social community, part nurturing space, and part creative outlet, Novella is many things, but its mission can be summed up in one sentence: To champion emerging female voices.

“I grew up in a very homogenous town, and so I feel like fiction was a way for me to create new worlds where was I jetting off to Paris or I had these superpowers and I was flying. It just felt like I could be anyone, anywhere, doing anything.”
—Abby Adesanya

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