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From secret coffee-shop workouts and up-and-at-’em sports bras to motivating Instagram accounts and pump-up playlists, here are some easy ways to get the most out of your workout routine.

What to Try

You love nothing more than a good namaste, but sometimes the heat in your Bikram class makes it impossible to hold that chair pose ten seconds longer. Enter Modo yoga, a nationwide Bikram offshoot that’s considerably more pleasant. The rooms are heated from 95 to 100 degrees, compared with Bikram’s 105. Trust us, it makes a difference. You’re not getting off that easy, though: Instructors will guide you through 40 poses, way more than Bikram’s 26.

What to Watch

We may not have a gorgeous high-ceilinged, light-filled space, but we love the idea of sneaking in a quick morning stretch sesh to get our blood flowing. This energizing sequence from yoga pro Tara Stiles makes for a perfect start to the day. Dare we say that it might even inspire us to ditch that second cup of coffee?

What to Wear

Your bod isn’t the only thing that looks good in a twist.

Tank Top

Super-slimming without cutting off circulation.


A sweaty girl’s best friend.

Wrap Shoes

The yoga mat for tree huggers.


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Her #MamaAndMiniYoga series with her 4-year-old daughter might be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.


Image after image of jealousy-inducing beachside handstands.


This husband-and-wife duo’s gravity-defying poses are nothing short of awesome.


Photographer who travels the globe shooting well-known yogis in stunning locales.

What to Try

Be honest: How often does your at-home workout fall just a bit short of effective (read: very short)? Up your game with FitFusion, an all-you-can-stream service that saves time (the commute to the basement is pretty quick) without sacrificing intensity. Basically Netflix for fitness, FitFusion lets you stream workouts led by everyone from Jillian Michaels to Billy Blanks on your computer, tablet or TV.

What to Watch

Squats, lunges, other side, repeat. Sometimes there’s just no time to go through a full regimen. When you’re, um, crunched for time, get the most bang for your fitness buck with one easy-to-learn, multipurpose move courtesy of celebrity trainer Kacy Duke.

What to Wear

Flattering, comfortable perfection.


Scientifically proven to make you run faster--or just look like it.


The cooldown zip-up.


Holds everything you need (or don’t).


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A look inside the glamorous studio of supermodel trainer Justin Gelband.


The beautiful and uber-fit life of a former professional pole vaulter.


The indoor-cycling mecca posts quotes submitted by its devotees.


Pretty much the most badass, hard-core workout inspiration ever.

What to Try

You’re cruising along the trail when a downer song ruins your stride. (Not now, Lana Del Rey.) Keep your pace with TempoRun, a genius app that taps into your phone’s music library and organizes songs by, you guessed it, tempo. The app ranks your songs by level, from 1 (slow walk) to 10 (full-out sprint). Choose a level and sweat it out to the musical stylings of your own personal DJ.

What to Watch

Love long runs but cringe at the thought of the weight room? (Why is everyone grunting and sweating all over the place?) Get toned on your own time with our secret workout regimen, genius exercises you can do anywhere--from the nearest park bench to the line at Starbucks.

What to Wear

The sports bra that hides back fat.

Sports Bra

Lots of mesh, lots of breeze.


Set the pavement on fire.


The sleekest way to track your every move.


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Fun photos and training videos from a contagiously enthusiastic track-and-field superstar.


Quotes, workouts, recipes and everything in between.


Healthy food porn to fuel even the longest runs.


This gal has completed 24 marathons. We’ll do whatever she says.