These Massive 6-Pound Avocados Can Make 16 Pieces of Avocado Toast

Imagine if you could make 16 pieces of avocado toast from one avocado.

A Kailua Kona-based farmer has been growing enormous six-pound large avocados on his farm for years. Six whole pounds! (For comparison, an average California avocado is about 16 times smaller, weighing about six ounces.)

“We didn’t think nothing of it,” the farmer, Kenji Fukumitsu, told the Hawaiian outlet Big Island Video News. “We just pick and eat it. And we sold some.”

Fukumitsu says that the avocados taste exactly like regular avocados (except during the month of November, when they’re a bit watery). Slice one open and the two halves are shaped a bit like a halved butternut squash.

Fukumitsu has been harvesting the giant fruit from one tree in particular, which his older brother planted around 1941. The tree produces so much fruit that Fukumitsu shares a basket full of 20 or 30 avocados every month with his neighbors, the staff at the nearby Kona Urgent Care center.

This past January, the staff submitted one of Fukumitsu’s avocados to the Guiness World Records and broke the record for the largest avocado (hold the applause).

Why are they so big, though? The avocado-toast-eating public must know. “That, I don’t know,” Fukumitsu said.

We can only conjecture that they might be related to a South African avocado variety known as the "Avozilla"—or that Fukumitsu simply has the greatest green thumb in the universe. 

Either way, we’re craving a bowl of guac. A giant one.

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