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Colton Underwood Finally Hopped the Fence on ‘The Bachelor’ & Here’s What We Know
ABC/Rick Rowell

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor finally answered the question that has been haunting us for weeks: Why does Colton Underwood hop the fence?

As much as we’d love to say that ABC gave us all the answers, we can’t. However, the installment showed what led to the highly talked about moment and gave us a glimpse as to how it will affect the remaining contestants.

Here’s what you need to know: On season 23, episode nine of The Bachelor, Underwood comes face-to-face with the Fantasy Suites. After taking Tayshia to Cape St. Vincent, he picks up Cassie for his next excursion.

While the date starts strong, things take an awkward turn when Underwood reveals that her dad rejected his blessing. This prompts Cassie’s dad to randomly show up at the hotel later on and admit that he’s concerned about her impending proposal. The conversation makes her realize that she’s unsure of her feelings and, therefore, must send herself home.

When she meets up with Colton, she explains that she can’t give him what he wants: a fiancee. He fires back, saying none of that matters if it’s not with the right person. When he tells her he loves her, she admits that she doesn’t know if she can “get there” and asks to leave.

“I want a future with you, and I’m telling you right now at the end of this, I want to be with you,” Underwood says to no avail.

After showing her out, he returns to his room, grabs his coat and brushes past the producers. When Harrison tries to approach him, Underwood hops the fence and disappears into the night.

Why did Underwood run away? And how will Cassie’s departure affect his journey to find love? Guess we’ll have to wait until the two-night Bachelor finale premieres on ABC beginning Monday, March 11.

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