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Why Watching In-Flight Movies Makes You Cry
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So you’re stuck on a fully booked six-hour flight to LAX and didn’t even manage to grab the window seat. But hey, at least the movie options aren’t bad. They even have The Bourne Identity, one of your faves. You settle in for a few hours of mindless entertainment and then, out of nowhere, comes the Jason Bourne? Cue extreme mortification.

If you’ve experienced a higher-than-normal emotional response to an in-flight movie, the good news is that you’re not alone. Virgin Atlantic conducted a study a few years ago and found that 55 percent of people admit to feeling heightened (pun intended) emotions while flying.

What gives? According to psychologist Randi Mackintosh, Psy.D., the reason you turn into a blubbering mess as soon as you step aboard a plane could be from built-up anxiety. “By the time you sit down, you’ve probably been stressed all day,” she told Thrillist. “A lot has been building up. When you get up in the air, it might be the first time you’re realizing how the stress is impacting you.”

Our advice? Try to unwind before sliding into your airplane seat. Oh, and bring an extra pack of tissues (just in case).

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