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Take Note: This Is Exactly What the Queen Eats for All Her Meals
WPA Pool/Getty Images

At 92, Queen Elizabeth is still riding horses around Windsor and (pretend) jumping out of helicopters, not to mention ruling the Commonwealth (something she’s done for more than 66 years). So we had to ask: What’s her secret?

According to the International Business Times, her routine is actually pretty simple. Her Majesty always starts her day with a pot of Earl Grey tea (no sugar) and tea biscuits before her morning bath.

Every day at 8:30 a.m., the queen meets Prince Philip for breakfast. She dines on Special K served in a yellow Tupperware to keep it fresh (which she pours herself, because she’s a *boss*) with a side of fruit. Sometimes, she may switch it up and have scrambled brown eggs (she prefers their taste over white ones) with salmon and truffle or toast and marmalade.

At lunchtime, Queen Elizabeth eats tiny little raspberry sandwiches (cute!) called jam pennies, as well as finger sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, egg and mayonnaise or ham and mustard with the crusts removed. 

Dinner gets a little bit fancier. Her Majesty partakes in the trend of farm-to-table dining by eating fillets of beef, venison, pheasant or salmon that are brought from farms in Sandringham and Balmoral for her supper...and, we're not drooling, you are!

There you have it: Special K, the breakfast of champions royalty.

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