‘Rage Yoga’ Is Here to Get You Calm, Strong and Zen AF

Traditional yoga is rooted in spiritual tranquility and mental discipline. It focuses on releasing tension through breath and movement, all while sweating in silence in a room full of strangers. But what if group mantras and deep breathing aren't exactly your thing? You love a good sweat, but you'd rather yell out profanities than sit still in Savasana for one. More. Second. If your vocabulary veers more toward obscene and your taste fancies brewskis over green juice, "Rage Yoga" could be for you.

During each class, participants are invited to yell, scream and curse without avail while they flow through their poses. First started in Canada by a certified instructor who thought people took the workout just a bit too seriously, "Rage Yoga" is more than just a practice, it's an attitude. Per its website, "you should expect there to be foul language, laughter and shenanigans." Prepare to get strong, centered and zen as f*ck.

To up the ante, Brash Brewing, a Houston-based brewing company, offers taproom "Rage Yoga" events every month with mid-class beer breaks (because hydration is key). In between Tadasana and downward dog, get ready to sip on an IPA or lager of your choosing.

Namaste, young yogis. Rage on.