My Mom Talked Through the Entire ‘Westworld’ Finale, so Naturally I Wrote Down Everything She Said & Published It

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

The season three finale of Westworld left me with a million questions, but fortunately, I was able to enjoy the confusing conclusion with my mom, Tricia. Although she has very little knowledge about the show, she made so many valid points (yes, she talked through the whole thing—thankfully!), I now wonder why I haven’t been watching with her all along.

Keep scrolling for ten things my mom said about the season three finale of Westworld.

westworld season 3 finale
Courtesy of HBO

1. "am I Supposed To Know Who Any Of These People Are?"

As someone who religiously watches the show, I can honestly say…not really.

westworld season 3 finale dolores blue dress
Courtesy of HBO

2. "wait, Dolores Still Hasn't Changed Out Of That Blue Dress? It's Been Three Seasons."

She’s also a robot, but that’s beside the point.

westworld season 3 finale jeffrey wright
John P. Johnson/HBO

3. "never Mind. I Guess None Of The Characters Ever Change Their Clothes."

The Westworld costume department has it made.

westworld season 3 finale thoughts
Courtesy of HBO

4. " That Jesse Pinkman?"

Truth. I’ve really just been waiting for Aaron Paul to say, “Come on, Mr. White.”

westworld season 3 finale dolores
Courtesy of HBO

5. "she Has Multiple Clones? The World Doesn't Need Another Dolores."

We’re in total agreement.

westworld season 3 finale dolores mission
Courtesy of HBO

6. "i'm All For Feminism, But I Highly Doubt Dolores Would Be Able To Kill All Of These Men By Herself."

Again, she has a point.

westworld season 3 finale luke hemsworth
John P. Johnson/HBO

7. "that's A Hemsworth Brother? Poor Thing Lost The Genetic Lottery."

Sorry, Luke Hemsworth (Ashley Stubbs). She clearly has a thing for Chris and Liam.

westworld season 3 finale man in black
John P. Johnson/HBO

8. "this Is The Only Show That Could Actually Benefit From A Commercial Break."

Seriously, an hour and 20 minutes with no commercials is low-key brutal.

westworld season 3 finale maeve
John P. Johnson/HBO

9. "pick A Side, Maeve."

Yes, that’s a direct quote from the episode. And yes, she repeated it back to the TV screen. (Don’t ask…)

westworld season 3 finale bernard
Courtesy of HBO

10. "that's It? They're Not Even Going To Tell Us What Happened To The Characters?"

Welcome to Westworld, mom.

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