Welp, Wendy’s Is Now in the Business of Writing Dating Profiles

Normally we would say that, yes, we would like fries with that, but now Wendy’s had to get all personal and offer a side of “custom Tinder bio” with our lunch.

In honor of “Singles Awareness Day,” the fast-food restaurant has been dipping its toes into the online dating pool, crafting up dating profiles for strangers in need…as one does. Because nothing says “I’m available” like “cheeseburger and fries.”

“Everyone deserves to meet that someone special, and we’re here to help get those fingers swiping right,” Wendy’s tweeted. “Hit us with 3 things about yourself and we’ll write you a new bio for your favorite dating app.”

The results? Whoever is running the Wendy’s Twitter account has either a lot of time on their hands or a lot of experience with this.

So. Many. Bad. Puns.

The hypothetical dating profile for that loony guy from You.