Quick Question: Would You Wear Crocs to Your Wedding?

Tim Gunn might want to look away: Bridal crocs are officially a thing.

Yep, the plastic boating shoe that the fashion world's most discerning mind once called a "plastic hoof" is now available decked out in sequins for you to wear on your big day. The polyurethane clogs were unearthed on Etsy, naturally. The shop owner, PrincessPumps, specializes in custom-sequined shoes of all kinds. These "crystal clogs" cost about $115—a steal.

Now, we understand that switching to a more comfortable pair of shoes for your wedding reception is a popular move, and we get why. Who wants to dance to “Shout” and also “Twist and Shout” while wearing four-inch heels?

On the other hand, why Crocs? Unless you're literally getting married on a boat deck or in a swamp, there's really no need for a waterproof option.

But when push comes to shove, your wedding day is just that: your wedding day. If you want to dance the night away in bedazzled white foam, we're happy for you. As they say, ’til death do us part—Crocs and all.

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