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This City Drinks More Rosé Than Anywhere Else in the Whole Country
zoranm/Getty Images

We always thought New Yorkers were the queens of rosé, but it turns out there’s a U.S. city that’s got the rest of us beat. Drumroll, please: Washington, D.C., consumes the most pink wine per capita than anywhere else in the country. (Hmm, guess we’ll have to hand over the crown.)

According to our friends at Wine Access, the drink’s popularity has exploded, accounting for 1 in every 36 bottles of wine sold in the U.S. this year. (That’s compared to 1 in 510 bottles just two years ago.) We know we’re partially responsible for that jump, but we had no idea that our nation’s capital loved the pink stuff that much. The latest data shows that the city consumes eight times more rosé than anywhere else in the country. Wow, guys. Wow.

Who’s responsible for this win? Stressed-out politicians? Pink-loving millennials? The nation may never know.

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