Prepare Thy Burger: Pickle Chips Made from Real Pickles Are Coming

There are few foods I've found to be more polarizing than pickles. Those who dislike them won't go within 100 feet of a french fry that has so much as brushed up against one, while those who like pickles appear to be on a crusade to incorporate pickles into each and every meal regardless of whether or not they truly belong there. If you're a part of the latter camp, we have some good news: There will soon be pickle chips made from real dill pickles for you to snack on day in and day out. Hooray!

Conagra, the parent company for the pickle brand Vlasic, announced in April that a vacuum-fried pickle chip was currently in development, along with single-serve pickle slices (though details on those delightful sounding snack packs are scarce). Unlike any pickle-flavored chips currently on the market, these crispy bites are actually made of real pickles, not potatoes. Good news for anyone on a low-carb or potato-free diet who's been looking for something to fill the chip-size hole on their plates.

The release date for the briny treat has yet to be announced, but we do know the Original Dill Pickle Chips are "vacuum-fried" pickles and will come in snack-size bags. In the mean time, you can just resume pickling your own cucumbers at home and making room in your pantry for when the fateful day arrives.

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