Venus Williams Picked Up an Interesting New Habit During Quarantine

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We all know Venus Williams as the tennis star who used her platform to advocate for women’s equality in the sport. But when she’s not out dominating on the court, you'll most likely find her at home, balancing a number of conference calls (and home workouts) with her newest quarantine hobby: cleaning.

PureWow was thrilled to catch up with the seven-time Grand Slam winner, who’s currently partnering with American Express to help educate entrepreneurs and small business owners through Business Class LIVE: Summit for Success. During the interview, Williams revealed that being in quarantine has caused her to “pull up the slack” at home, making her a more “clean and organized person” since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

She told us, “I became a cleaning machine. I learned to get organized, I [usually] have help cleaning my house two days a week, so I would wait on someone to help me, but I was all by myself so I was mopping and cleaning and putting up clothes and folding.”

Williams continued, "I don’t really have free time, so I had to figure out ways during conference calls that I could mop, and I could dust and I could clean. It helped me to get more organized."

Now if only we could take a page out of Williams's book and find the motivation to do some extra cleaning of our own.

In addition to her newfound hobby, we also got some insight into her quarantine beauty routine. She said, "I have a facial scrub that I love, I use that to scrub my face. And the second would be my cream. I use that on my body and it smells lovely, it smells like roses. All-natural, [a] beautiful product." It certainly explains her glowing skin—and we just might follow suit with our beauty routine.

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