Venus Williams Pens Wildly Candid Post After Wimbledon Loss: ‘I Felt Like Crying’

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Tennis star Venus Williams is opening up about her recent Wimbledon loss on social media, and she is not holding anything back.

On Instagram, the Grand Slam champ, 43, candidly revealed to fans the wave of emotions she felt after the match ended. Alongside photos taken of her waving to the crowd before her exit, she wrote in the caption, “I’m not sure how I managed to smile in this moment but I don’t remember my face looking like this…pleasant…I felt just the opposite.”

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“I felt like everything slipped away from me so quickly and I was disappointed that I wasn’t stronger to pull out the match despite the circumstances,” Williams continued, “I’m happy I can look back at this moment and see I smiled. I felt like crying. But as an fyi I didn’t cry. I don’t have time for crying when I’m trying to get to the next level. ”

The California-born tennis player went on to share that she had a moment of self-reflection in the locker room and ended the message on a positive note, writing, “I also believe in being a good sport. You win and lose in life. You can’t cry when you are losing. You have to get to learning. It’s a bad sport if you can’t at least try to be a good sports person in the moment of defeat and allow your opponent to enjoy their moment of victory…until your moment comes.”

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Williams faced off against Ukrainian tennis player, Elina Svitolina. During the first half of the match, Williams started off strong with a leading score of 2-1.

However, the game came to a shocking halt when the professional athlete suffered a nasty fall due to a wet tennis court. Williams did return to the game with a bandaged knee, but she ended up losing.

You will always be a winner in our eyes, Venus.

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