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My, oh Meyer. Veep is back in all its awkward glory, and Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is really into backgammon.  

The season six premiere picks up exactly one year after Selina's devastating election loss to Laura Montez (Andrea Savage). Selina spent the majority of the last year slowly melting into and becoming one with Catherine's (Sarah Sutherland) couch, in addition to hibernating at a “spa” that may or may not have been a mental institution. Chomping at the bit to get back into the political game, Selina agrees to a sit-down interview with her former West Wing staffer, Dan, err, Danny Egan (Reid Scott), who finally landed his dream gig as on-air talent at CBS. (Remember when Dan slept with Amy's (Anna Chlumsky) sister because he thought she said she worked at CBS, when in reality she worked at CVS?) In an effort to make lemonade out of supremely bitter lemons, Selina tells Dan that the loss allowed her to, “Reacquaint herself with an old the name of Selina Meyer.”

The interview continues with Selina shirking questions and announcing the launch of her new foundation for adult literacy... and AIDS, the latter of which is an impromptu tack-on intended for shock value. The sufficiently uncomfortable interview wraps, and an effusive Gary (Tony Hale) and perfectly naive Richard (Sam Richardson) sweep in to stroke Selina's delusional ego.

Meanwhile, Amy is working as campaign manager/apathetic fiancée to newly announced Nevada gubernatorial candidate Buddy Calhoun (Matt Oberg). Mike (Matt Walsh) is two and a half seconds from losing his mind as a stay-at-home dad, and Ben (Kevin Dunn) works at Uber for a hot minute before he is fired for using racial slurs in jest (so not woke). Stoic Marjorie (Clea DuVall) is now running Selina's foundation. She desperately tries to make “mom” happen between her and Selina, but after a mere second attempt, Selina completely shuts her down and relegates her back to ma’am status. Meanwhile, moneybags Catherine is footing all the bills.

Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons) is back too. This time, Jonah does the most Jonah Ryan thing ever. He’s been purposely shaving his head bald for months to maintain the illusion that he’s still suffering from cancer and undergoing chemo treatments. In reality, Jonah has long been in remission and all of his hair has returned, but he claims people are nicer to him when he looks sick. He also has a truly magnificent meltdown on national television due to Dan’s incessant instigation. Whether Dan was using this as a means to escape his potential nightmare of a co-host or to merely terrorize Jonah, the plan backfires and Dan gets offered a permanent gig at CBS.

Did we mention that Selina and Andrew (David Pasquesi) are back together and he's still the slimiest person ever? Cue Gary saying “ewwy” and sticking his finger in his mouth.

Back at the Selina Meyer Foundation base camp, aka Catherine and Marjorie’s brownstone, Selina attempts to pick up writing her memoir (which is six months late and still has not progressed beyond page one). Naturally, Selina can't remember most of what she did during her presidency and has come to completely rely on Mike’s diary. Mike, no longer working in the West Wing under Selina, is unemployed and completely miserable at home with his circus of children. He sees Selina’s need for his diary as the perfect opportunity to gain employment with her again. Although, this isn’t really what Selina had in mind, and she basically convinces Mike to work as an unpaid intern until the book is completed. Poor, poor Mike.

The episode comes to a groaning halt when Selina announces her intention to run for president...again! No one, literally no one, thinks this is a good idea. Catherine cries, Gary is on the verge of spontaneous combustion, and Ben says it's the worst thing she could ever do.

So will she or won't she? For everyone's sake, we truly hope not (but kind of do).

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