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Selina Meyer’s megalomania officially requires its own monument (in addition to an honorary library at Yale).

Since season six catastrophically commenced on April 16, much has happened in the Meyer camp. Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) set to work crafting her legacy with the brilliant idea to ask Yale University, where she went to law school, to erect a library in her honor. Clearly they’d respond with a resounding “yes,” given her prospective self-comparison to JFK and his library. Way to reach for the stars.

When Yale returns with immediate rejection, she turns to her undergraduate alma mater, Smith College. Selina is welcomed with open arms...until news leaks that she fired a female staffer for sleeping with her sleazebag ex-husband turned ex-boyfriend, Andrew (David Pasquesi). A small price to pay in exchange for Siri announcing Andrew’s sexts aloud via the SUV's Bluetooth speakers.

With her funding gone, Selina travels to Georgia (the Eastern European country) to supervise (and do some side hush-hush fundraising) during the country's first democratic election. Thanks to two corrupt presidential candidates eager for an American ally, Selina is in the midst of a bribery bidding war that almost leaves her with $20 million in funding. Unfortunately, the winning benefactor/political crook is arrested, a coup takes place and the Georgian dollar value plummets. Goodbye, funding.

More desperate than ever, Selina's delusions of grandeur soar to new heights in this past Sunday’s episode, aptly titled, "Justice."

The exploits begin as Selina and her cronies exit a former Supreme Court Justice's funeral in a frenzy of questioning press. Mike (Matt Walsh) accidentally starts a rumor that Selina is being considered to fill the justice's chair.

Selina then meets with Sherman Tanz (Jonathan Hadary), the private-prison magnate she once pardoned in season five, to ask if he'll donate the $5 million down payment needed to secure the real estate for her new library in eastern Maryland. The former POTUS complains that she's hot and becomes vehemently angry with Amy (Anna Chlumsky), who's back in the fold since fiancé and Nevada Secretary of State Buddy Calhoun (Matt Oberg) resigned from the Senate race after a DUI arrest and lewd dash cam video leak, when she suggests it might be menopause. Inappropriately relieved, Selina learns that it's not menopause, rather a mild heart attack. Ride-or-die Gary (Tony Hale) suffers a small heart attack in solidarity.

Meanwhile, Dan's (Reid Scott) interest is piqued by the Supreme Court Justice rumors surrounding Selina and calls Richard (Sam Richardson) to corroborate the story. Dan's exclusive reporting (and affinity for baked goods) finally gets him into his boss’ good graces. (Everyone thinks they're sleeping together.) After Catherine (Sarah Sutherland) and Marjorie (Clea DuVall) ask Dan to act as their sperm donor (first via IVF, then the good ol' fashioned way), they learn he's, um, incapable. Consider them two additional women with whom Dan will not be having sexual relations. 

Cut to President Montez’s (Andrea Savage) announcement of her plan to "reach across the aisle" to fill the empty Supreme Court justice seat. In a dizzying turn of events, Selina is actually vetted for the role. With her eyes on the prize, Selina casts aside her library and memoir aspirations.

No longer a need to fundraise, Selina sends Sherman Tanz over to Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons). Jonah, who does not understand daylight savings time, is an hour late to their meeting and subsequently suffers a stage five meltdown. A peeved Sherman then donates one cent to the Ryan campaign. Jonah—who still does not understand daylight savings time—is two hours late to a meeting the next day and this time his rant is captured on camera. Sherman is so moved by Jonah’s passion for daylight savings time, he hires a staff to craft legislation against the absurdity on Jonah’s behalf.

Finally—surprise, surprise—Selina is ultimately not chosen as the new Supreme Court justice. She receives yet another slap in the face when she finds out Sherman spent all of his fundraising money (meant for Selina) on Jonah. Alas, there's still the memoir...and Gary.

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