The Incredibly Convincing Keto Bread You Need to Try

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While the ketogenic diet allows us to eat all the cheesy, bacony foods we like, it’s really hard to find a decent substitute for carbs when the craving strikes. We can make gluten-free cheese and cauliflower ‘breadsticks’ to our heart’s delight, but they ain’t got nothing on sliced bread.

Although there are a few store-bought ketogenic breads available, most people usually make their own. Quite frankly, most of the pre-madeoptions out there are pretty sad.

But wait, not so fast. We recently discovered a company called Uprising Food, which sells gourmet loaves of ketogenic sliced bread. Made by artisanal bakers in wood-fired ovens on a farm outside of Cincinnati, the grain-free bread includes superfood ingredients like almond flour, golden flax seeds and apple cider vinegar. Read: zero artificial preservatives or garbage. And did we mention that each slice has 2 net carbs and is gluten-free and paleo-friendly?

Yep, it’s got all of the buzzwords going for it, but what really sells us is the flavor. While competitors often have a strange chewy texture, this bread is crisp and tastes like a rustic country loaf. It looks like normal bread. It toasts like normal bread. It tastes like normal bread. It truly has us fooled and wanting more.

If you're following the keto diet, for the love of grilled cheese, give Uprising a try. For $48, you get six whole loaves with eight slices each. (Oh, and if you can’t eat all of that right away, it keeps beautifully in the freezer.)

Buy it ($48)

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