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‘Unimoons’ Are the Next Big Honeymoon Trend, but We’re Skeptical
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You've heard of babymoons, buddymoons and pre-wedding solomoons...

Introducing the next big "trend" in honeymoons (at least, according to The New York Times): Unimoons.

That's right. Post-"I Do," more couples are opting to go their separate ways for a bit of solo travel (which is also definitely on the rise). According to The New York Times, more couples are opting to honeymoon alone, whether it's for some much needed time apart after the engagement, planning, couple photoshoots, family gatherings, showers and nuptials...aka the 12 to 18 months of wedding mayhem that you both just went through. (Admit it: You were so over your S.O. when he told his coworker's ex-girlfriend she could come to the wedding.)

“Neither of us wanted to be where the other one was,” Irene O’Brien, who lives in Dublin, told the Times about her unimoon, where she traveled to Canada and her new husband, Mel Maclaine, traveled to France. 

“We each came back to Dublin full of stories, buzzing of our trips and truly delighted to see each other again to share the memories," O'Brien recalled. "It was the perfect imperfect honeymoon.”

Helen Fisher, a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute who studies relationship, told the Times she thinks it's a big mistake, though, because couples miss out on what should be a "marked" moment in the relationship. By traveling alone for the honeymoon, Fisher notes, the bride and groom avoid "triggering the three most valuable brain systems for a lasting relationship," which are romantic love, feelings of deep attachment and sex drive (all of which are heightened when couples travel together, according to Fisher).

However, for some, it can be the perfect time to flex your independence and come back completely renewed from a very stressful event.

But, like, who's going to tell us to try a new pose for our candid balcony pics?

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