The Trailer for Uma Thurman's Netflix Series ‘Chambers’ Is Here, in Case You Didn't Want to Sleep Tonight

Did you wake up this morning and think, Boy, I slept a little too soundly last night? 

If so, we've got good news: The trailer for Uma Thurman's upcoming Netflix series, Chambers, is here to ensure you sleep with one eye open tonight. 

Starring Thurman and Tony Goldwyn, the ten-episode supernatural horror series is about a heart transplant gone wrong. Thurman and Goldwyn play the parents of a deceased girl whose heart has been donated to Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose), a young heart attack victim. Sasha and her family connect with the grieving couple and promise to honor their late daughter's memory.

Then, Sasha begins to notice some troubling signs, including frightening visions, and becomes obsessed with the circumstances that lead to her organ donor's death. It's supremely creepy—and we're just talking about the trailer. 

Chambers was created and directed by Leah Rachel, with screenwriter Stephen Gaghan as the executive producer.

All ten episodes will be available to stream on Netflix on April 26—if you dare. 

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