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Online Shoppers, This App Will Pay for Your Clothing Orders So You Can Try On Everything for Free
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Ever jacked up your credit card balance for, say, those over-the-knee boots you just had to have, only to find out the toe box was a little too narrow? Sure, you can return them, but that charge will be sitting on next month’s bill until the refund processes. Ughhhh.

Try, a new tech company out of Silicon Valley, wants you to keep your money. Here’s how it works: Just download the free app, shop like you normally would (you can also use the browser version for Google Chrome) and purchase that fab dress for your best friend’s rehearsal dinner. No charge will appear on any of your cards since Try covers the entire cost (yep, even shipping).

Way too small? Doesn’t match the description? Totally wrong color? Just return the item and no charges will appear on your end (except for shipping). Fits like a glove? That’s when Try charges you exactly how the retailer does.

The best part? It works on every retail website that takes Amex, Visa or Mastercard (so, yeah, everywhere). The service costs $49 a year, but there’s a 14-day free trial for those who want to check it out first. 

Online power shoppers, you’ve met your match.

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