What Is Lucy Hiding on ‘True Detective’? This Major Clue from Episode 4 Speaks Volumes

Season three, episode four of True Detective, titled “The Hour and the Day,” premiered last night on HBO, and while we have loads of burning questions about Julie’s disappearance, we can’t stop thinking about this super-telling clue.

When English teacher Amelia (Carmen Ejogo) goes over to the Purcell house to hand over Will and Julie’s belongings from school, and Lucy (Mamie Gummer) tells her, “This was not a happy household. Children should laugh,” we almost lost our minds.

Children should laugh? “Children shud laugh,” read the letter that the Purcell parents received from the supposed kidnapper in the mail, just days after the disappearance of their children. Was Lucy just quoting the letter? This event takes place after the message has been received, so it’s not like she hasn’t seen the phrase before.

But is it a coincidence, or is this something she is regurgitating because she perhaps wrote the letter herself?

So, what does it all mean? Guess we’ll have to wait until True Detective returns to HBO next Sunday, February 3, at 9 p.m.

Here’s Why Lucy Might Be Responsible for Julie’s Disappearance on ‘True Detective’

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