Trader Joe's New Seltzer Might Be Better Than LaCroix

He keeps us stocked in cheese, hydrangeas and chocolate-covered almonds. But our beloved Trader Joe's seltzer game was kinda meh...until now.

Move over, LaCroix, there's a new seltzer in town. Trader Joe's Sparkling Spring Water is available in four new flavors: Pineapple, Island Colada, Grapefruit and Cranberry Clementine. Best of all, they're 99 cents for a 1-liter bottle.

Oh, and FYI, there are no sugar or artificial sweeteners added (phew). But the thing that really wins us over? The effervescence. Most big bottles (and to be honest, even LaCroix cans) go flat before we get to the bottom. But not the Trader Joe's version. It stays fizzy until the very last sip. TJ pays attention to details like that.

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