Trader Joe’s Has Ruby Chocolate, but Only for a Limited Time

Wayyy back in 2017, chocolate company Barry Callebaut introduced the “fourth chocolate” and changed our lives. How could we forget ruby chocolate, the naturally rosy-hued cacao with a uniquely fruity flavor profile? Our lives were forever changed…except for that fact that we couldn’t get our hands on the damn stuff.

Two years later and none other than Trader Joe’s is bringing the chocolate en masse. The grocery store is the first major retailer to sell the pink stuff, previously only seen at high-end retailers. Joe, we knew we loved you for a reason.

TJ’s will carry ruby chocolate in wafer form, with five-ounce packages costing about $3. According to the store, they’re not recommended for baking, but the wafers melt well for use as a fondue or for dipping and decorating. (Or, you know, eating by the handful.)

Our only concern? Ruby chocolate debuted at Trader Joe’s stores in February…and a Dig In flyer said it would be available “only for a limited time.” We've got some errands to run.