Trader Joe’s Just Released Ramen Cups and Even Though We’re Not in College We’re Totally Obsessed

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PSA: Trader Joe’s just released two types of tasty, tasty ramen. Yes, the convenient Chicken Ramen and Miso Ramen, priced at $1.29 per 1.5-ounce cup, are clearly geared toward students. But you can (and should) stock your own pantry while you’re taking your college kid grocery shopping.

Why? Unlike other instant ramen brands, Trader Joe’s version includes a packet of blended sunflower and sesame oil. Mixing it in ensures that your noodles will be silky and tender—anything but dry and spongy.

From there, we recommend you top off your creation with a fried egg and some freshly sliced scallions for practically restaurant-quality results. But hey, zero judgment if you simply enjoy it straight from the cup.

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