Trader Joe’s Now Carries Chocolate Hummus (and It’s Only $2!)

Regular hummus is so early 2019. 

Trader Joe's is selling chocolate hummus now and honestly, where has it been all of our lives? OK, so dessert hummus may be a weird concept, but TJ's never steered us in the wrong direction before.  

The creamy dip is made of cooked chickpeas, tahini, expeller pressed canola oil and sea salt. According to TJ's, it has the same smooth and creamy texture like the rest of their hummus selections. However, it stands out among the pack with its sweet (rather than savory) flavors, adding cane sugar and cocoa to the mix.  

Oh, and did we mention it's only 50 calories and $2 for an 8-ounce tub? (Grab the organic apples and banana chips.)

Don't mind us—just adding a few tubs to the shopping cart for parties (aka a Friday night on the couch).

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