Tracee Ellis Ross Shows What's in Her Makeup Bag and Now We Need That Ruby Woo

Tracee Ellis Ross just pulled back the curtain on what’s in her “little pouch” that she carries inside her purse. And she wasn’t lying when she said, in her own words, that she could “live out of here forever.”

On Monday, the 48-year-old actress shared her version of a “what’s inside my bag” video on Instagram. “What’s in my makeup bag?” she captioned the post. “Apparently everything.”

In the footage, Ross pulls out each item one by one including nail files, rubber bands, band-aids, safety pins, mascara, mints, another nail file, Benadryl, Mucinex, Neosporin, Pepto Bismol, an extra pair of contacts, Tylenol, Advil, phone adaptors, Listerine, headphones, more Advil, tweezers and an entire pouch of alcohol swabs.

“Here’s where it gets funny,” Ross says in the clip while laughing. “I went to get my Ruby Woo—this is one Ruby Woo, two Ruby Woo, three Ruby Woo, four Ruby Woo’s in my bag.”

Luckily, in the comments section of the post, Reese Witherspoon asked the question we were all thinking: “What is Ruby Woo? And where do I find it?” Turns out, it’s a shade of lipstick from Mac Cosmetics that we need to get our hands on ASAP.

In addition to a lipstick emergency, it seems that Ross is pretty much prepared for anything. One Instagram follower wrote, “So your makeup bag is a CVS. It’s a CVS minus the long receipt,” while a third person added, “That’s not a makeup bag ma’am that’s a first aid kit.”

We clearly need to step up our makeup bag game.

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