Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals How She Recycled One of Her Mom’s Most Iconic Looks

Tracee Ellis Ross is here to remind everyone that she takes her wardrobe (and Diana Ross's) very seriously.

During a recent chat with Naomi Campbell, the Black-ish star revealed the story behind her glamorous 'fit at the 2017 American Music Awards, where she rocked a dazzling black top with a white suit and bow tie. She told Campbell, "My mom has incredible taste, and just her regular clothes, she doesn't sometimes understand the importance of them. It's hilarious."

She continued, "I was out in the garage at one point and I came back in the house with this shirt and I was like 'MOM! What is?! Why is this not in a case? This could pay for college!' It was the shirt that she wore at the American Music Awards."

tracee ellis ross diana ross shirt
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Campbell agreed the sparkling blouse that Diana first wore in 1981, totally deserved to be carefully preserved, but Tracee replied, "Oh, well it's in my house now!"

During the 2017 ceremony, Tracee also told the audience, "OK, does this look familiar to anybody? If it doesn't, go to my Instagram to refresh your memory! Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, twinsie outfits from one of my mother's specials. This was the actual original shirt which I found in the garage, and you ask what was I doing in the garage? I was 'shopping' slash 'stealing!'"

Sure enough, on Tracee's IG feed is a throwback post of her mom and Michael Jackson wearing the same shirt. She wrote, "TWINNING ~ my mama @dianaross and #michaeljackson in 1981. this is mom’s actual shirt i just wore at the @AMAs! I found it in her garage. #AMAs."

We imagine that quite a few of her looks came straight out of her mom's closet—which totally explains why they're style twins.

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