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These Are the Top Dog Names of 2017...Did Your Poochs Moniker Make the Cut?

The hardest part of owning a puppy (besides the housebreaking, of course) is deciding what to name the precious ball of fur. Do you go old-school (Duke?), human (Guthrie?), pop culture (Dany?) or none of the above? To aid in your search for the perfect moniker, we turned to the masses. And what we found were some obvious favorites (Bailey, Buddy and Max) and some, shall we say, not so obvious (Barkley, Bacon and Willow). just announced the top dog names of the year (based on more than 3 million website searches from new dog owners). Here, the most popular dog names of 2017. (Yep, our perfect little Daisy made the cut.)

Top 25 Female Dog Names:

1. Bella
2. Abby
3. Daisy
4. Luna
5. Bailey
6. Hazel
7. Roxy
8. Lola
9. Piper
10. Willow
11. Nala
12. Bambi
13. Ava
14. Coco
15. Harper
16. Sadie
17. Zoey
18. Angel
19. Belle
20. Cleo
21. Gracie
22. Ellie
23. Addison
24. Mia
25. Dixie

Top 25 Male Dog Names:

1. Milo
2. Bear
3. Buddy
4. Tiger
5. Archie
6. Charlie
7. Teddy
8. Duke
9. Jasper
10. Max
11. Blue
12. Oreo
13. Caesar
14. Diesel
15. Arlo
16. Bacon
17. Chewie
18. Benji
19. Barkley
20. Archer
21. Rocky
22. Barney
23. Scout
24. Jax
25. Casper

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