Tom Hanks Is More Than Ready to Drop and Give You 20

Tom Hanks came prepared for this year's Oscars. Prepared to do push-ups, that is. Yes, the Academy Award-winning actor showed off more than just his impeccable sense of style this year. He and a U.S. Army sergeant were caught doing side-by-side pushups on the red carpet before the show began, and we have to admit we were a little surprised by how well the 63-year-old kept up with the soldier.

Why were they doing pushups, you ask? That much is unclear, however, both Hanks and the Army sergeant looked perfectly comfortable working out on a red carpet.

Hanks was in attendance to support A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, for which Hanks was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Fred Rogers (he, unfortunately, lost to Brad Pitt for Once Upon a Time In...Hollywood). He may not have won in his category, but perhaps he won the impromptu fitness contest outside. Unfortunately, only those in attendance will know exactly how many pushups each man completed.

Either way, props to Hanks for keeping so fit. Do we sense a superhero franchise in his future?

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