Tom Hanks Accidentally Ran into the 'Hustlers' Cast, and His Reaction Was Everything

Tom Hanks is like a box of chocolates…you may not know what you're going to get, but it's guaranteed to be sweet.

In new video from the Toronto International Film Festival shared by Variety, the star of the Mr. Rogers biopic A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood happened upon the cast of Hustlers, and had the ultimate fangirl reaction.

Hanks sees Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles and director Lorene Scafaria posing for photos and loses his marbles. "Oh my LORD!" he yells, rushing over to crash their photo. It's one of the cutest moments we've ever seen from the Sully actor, and we've watched Forrest Gump approximately 1 million times…

"Listen, I don't have on ANY lip gloss!" he continues, shouting across the photographers that he begins weaving through in order to get into the Hustlers cast photo op. "Am I allowed to stand over there?!"

"The only thing I've heard about your movie is that it could use a little Tom Hanks," he jokes before leaving the ladies to the rest of their press junket. 

And the Hustlers cast is equally as excited to be in the legendary multi-hyphenate's presence. "You're my favorite guy!" Palmer tells Hanks right before the photo. Lopez, who looks adorbs in a high half-up hairdo and white off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, waves her arms furiously in a gesture to get Hanks to come over, then kisses him on the cheek with a long drawn out, "Hiiiiiiii!" 

Hustlers, a movie about a group of strippers who pull off a Robin Hood–type con, hits theaters September 13.

We've got mail, and it's a love letter to Tom Hanks…

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