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Toilet Paper Subscriptions Are a Thing Now (& the Rolls Are Super Instagrammable)
Who Gives a Crap

When it comes to most household items, if we forget to stock up or accidentally run out, we might be slightly annoyed but we'll probably be fine. Toilet paper is not one of the those items. And although everyone knows that toilet paper is a real essential, even the most organized among us sometimes just forget (let's not even get started on those of us who are not organized in any way, aka yours truly). But, of course, this being the age of doing anything and everything right from our phone, we can now get toilet paper delivered through a subscription service. Not just any subscription service, but an eco-friendly, B Corporation–certified, Instagram-friendly subscription service.

The cheekily named Who Gives A Crap toilet paper company recently became available in the United States (it originally launched in Australia in 2012) and is already looking to disrupt the way we buy and think about the bathroom necessity.

It all began when the founders learned that a staggering 40 percent of the world's population doesn't have consistent access to a working toilet. They decided to try to change that, and limit all the terrible complications that come along with poor water quality and lack of sanitation. 

Who Gives A Crap doesn't just donate money to clean water and sanitation organizations (a whopping 50 percent of its profits, to be exact), it also eliminated the use of all dyes, inks, glues, artificial scents and chemicals like chlorine from the production of its 100 percent recycled products. It's a truly impressive list of accomplishments, and one that is making us seriously consider switching over. Especially since the prices are not so different from store brands (unless you're going for the real budget stuff, in which case it might be time to start being a bit kinder to your bum).

In addition to Who Gives A Crap, there's also the similarly eco-friendly and Instagrammable No. 2 toilet paper. It offers a subscription service (bonus: No. 2's program is adjustable in terms of number of rolls and frequency) and your selection of smile-inducing wrapping. Besides the obvious bonus of never having to think or worry about whether or not you have enough TP to get you through a majorly busy weekend (or week, for that matter), both No. 2 and Who Gives A Crap make us feel good about an otherwise pretty boring purchase. And it doesn't hurt that they look good on the 'Gram.

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