This Bull’s-Eye Light Is the Potty-Training Accessory Every Parent Needs

Dreams really do come true—you're finally the parent of a potty-trained toddler. Well, kind of. Your son might be wearing big-boy undies, but getting him to aim into the toilet bowl is another story.

Enter the Toddler Target Potty Training Bullseye Light, a clever tool that's designed to help your kid use the potty without making a total mess.

Here's how it works: You attach the light to the lid of your toilet where it will then shine a bright green target into the bottom of the bowl, thereby helping your kid improve his aim. The light runs on batteries (that are already installed) and turns off and on via a motion sensor. It also comes with a handy nightlight feature (three cheers for no more stubbing your toe on your way into the bathroom).

Intrigued? You can purchase the bullseye light from Amazon for $30—in our books, it's a small price to pay for a pee-free toilet seat.