Every ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 Recap

There’s no shortage of feel-good moments and Pearson pep talks that make us cry on This Is Us. Now, you can re-live every moment of season four with this handy collection of recaps. Whether you want to refresh your memory, catch up or you’re just an emotional masochist, enjoy every episode recap from season four of the hit NBC series.

Season 4 Premiere Recap: Strangers

Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) meets Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) parents and it doesn’t go quite as planned. In the present, we meet a handful of new faces that fit into the Pearsons’ lives in surprising ways.

Episode 2 Recap: They Grow Up So Fast

Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) try to adjust to their new normal with baby Jack while Kevin struggles to find his place. Meanwhile, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) learn that their girls don’t need them as much as they used to.

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Episode 3 Recap: When Unhinged Is A Good Thing

While Randall tries to make a name for himself as a new councilman, Deja (Lyric Ross) learns that her new love interest (Asante Blackk) has a surprising secret. In Pennsylvania, Kevin struggles to help Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) get his life back together.

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Episode 4 Recap: Baby Steps

Beth runs into a host of issues as she tries to open her new dance studio, and Kate pushes herself and baby Jack to try new things.

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Episode 5 Recap: Ice Cream Cakes & Burnt Raw Chicken

In the past, Rebecca hosts a family dinner after learning that Kevin got married and the family struggles with how to react to the news. In the present, Randall orchestrates a Pearson-level surprise for Kate, and Kevin tries to help Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) win her husband back.

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Episode 6 Recap: Sex & Golf, Two Things That Require Patience

Toby and Kate go on a romantic getaway to try and get their marriage back on track. Meanwhile, Randall uses the golf course to his advantage and Kevin takes a friendship to new heights.


Episode 7 Recap: Romeo & Juliet Skip School

Malik convinces Deja to ditch school with them. While they have a great day, the consequences turn out to be pretty awkward for their entire families.

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Episode 8 Recap: Redemption

Kevin feels remorseful and nearly misses Uncle Nicky's hearing. Randall and Beth invite Malik's parents over for dinner, which goes about as awkwardly as expected.

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Episode 9 Recap: It’s The Fall Finale

The Pearsons (even Uncle Nicky!) gather for Thanksgiving at Randall and Beth’s home. A surprising face joins them and each Pearson deals with their own private struggle. Spoiler alert: It’s a good one.

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Episode 10 Recap: Diagnoses & Hall Passes

Randall flies to Los Angeles (without Kate and Kevin knowing) to accompany Rebecca and Miguel to a doctor’s appointment. Kate finally confronts Toby about the tension in their marriage and Kevin sets out to find a spouse of his own, to mixed results.

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Episode 11 Recap: Randall Pearson Is Not Ok

Randall struggles to find his footing after his family’s safety is compromised. Several loved ones urge him to address his mental health, but will he listen?

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Episode 12 Recap: Kevin Faces His Past…and Sophie

Kevin shows up in a major way for Sophie. But will this revive their romance? TBD.

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Episode 13 Recap: Kate Turns A New Leaf

As Kate and Toby’s marriage deteriorates, she and Rebecca set out on a retreat, healing and reliving some of Kate’s past trauma.


Episode 14 Recap: Is Kevin Is About To Go Off The Rails?

The Big Sad Three escape to the family cabin, where they recall the existence of a family time capsule and reflect on how far (or not far) they’ve come since they buried it.

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Episode 15 Recap: The Kevin & Randall Rift

Randall decides to give therapy a serious try, Kevin and Rebecca spend the day together and Toby makes up for lost time.

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Episode 16 Recap: Jack Returns…kinda

Randall explores what his life would have been like if Jack hadn’t died in the fire and Kevin takes Rebecca to his movie premiere.

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Episode 17 Recap: Randall Puts Rebecca Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Randall gives Rebecca an ultimatum that will send shock waves through their family.

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Finale Recap: Is Kevin Really All In?

in the season four finale, we learn who Kevin’s baby mama is, watch as he and his brother Randall say things they’ll never be able to take back and see Rebecca take her fate into her own uncertain hands.