Randall Finally Tells Off Beth’s Mom in the ‘This Is Us’ Season 4, Episode 4 Trailer

Of all the characters in This Is Us, Beth’s mother Carol (Phylicia Rashad) is one of the hardest to love. Since she entered the fold, she’s been painfully tough on both teenage Beth (Rachel Hilson) and adult Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson). And in the season four, episode four promo, it seems Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has finally had enough.

The brand-new trailer, which dropped after last night’s episode, reveals that Randall will finally speak his mind to Carol—and she definitely won’t like it.

As you see in the teaser above, episode four explores the earlier days of Beth and Randall’s relationship. After they meet at college orientation and go on a date, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) decides to introduce Randall and herself to Carol. Although Carol is polite, she’s less than enthused and later insinuates to Beth that she should steer clear of a relationship with Randall. It’s not apparent why exactly she feels this way, but this was an overarching theme in episode 17 of season three (aka the big Beth and Randall fight of 2019).

It seems that Carol just wants what’s best for her daughter, but like we’ve seen may times, she goes about it the wrong way. When something is amiss at Beth’s dance studio opening, Carol says they should just reschedule it. Randall tries to weigh in and Carol speaks over him saying, “This is what we’re going to do.” Then, Randall has finally had it and he shouts, “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do, Carol.” Beth looks more frustrated than she already was and we’re left to wonder what the fallout will be.

All we can say is hell hath no fury like a mother-in-law scorned.

This Is Us returns with season four, episode four next Tuesday, October 15, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

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