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‘This Is Us’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: The Official Pearson Family
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Season two, episode seven of This Is Us, titled “The Most Disappointed Man in the World,” begins with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) tidying the Pearson homestead as they anxiously await the arrival of a social worker, Paula (Cinda Adams), who is coming to inspect their home. Right on cue, Paula arrives and promptly inspects the house to ensure it is suitable for baby Randall.

Following a series of announced (and unannounced) visits, Paula reappears the day after the Big Three’s first birthday and shows Jack and Rebecca the glowing recommendation she gave the judge for baby Randall’s adoption. To commemorate the special moment, Jack and Rebecca take the kids for their first family portrait.

Cut to young William (Ron Cephas Jones) standing in a courtroom before a judge. He explains that he recently lost his mother, his girlfriend (Randall’s birth mom) and his baby (Randall) and eases the pain the only way he knows how: using drugs he buys on the street. He goes on to say that he might as well be locked up because he has nothing left to live for.

Later on, the judge pulls William aside and explains he doesn’t enjoy putting people away and wants to help him find a different ending. William agrees to this plan. 

Back in present day, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has to take Deja (Lyric Ross) to visit her mother in prison, but he’s struggling to do so because he doesn’t respect the woman’s parenting choices (or lack thereof). Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) reminds him that this is all part of the process, and he needs to respect Deja’s family.

Meanwhile, Kevin (Justin Hartley) wakes up to a phone call from Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) asking if he’s all set for his flight back to New York. Kevin makes up a lame excuse for needing to push back his trip by a week, and Sophie confronts him about whether or not he actually wants to move back East. Understandably, she gets upset and reminds him that she was A-OK before he showed up on her doorstep but is interrupted by a page and says they’ll need to finish their conversation later. Cut to Kevin throwing back a few painkillers and washing them down with beer.

Kevin stops by Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) abode and tells them he needs to get to Sophie in New York. But guess what? It’s baby announcement time! Kate and Toby unzip their matching sweatshirts to reveal shirts printed with the word “baby” and arrows pointing to Kate’s tummy. Kevin, naturally, doesn’t compute, forcing Kate to blurt out she’s pregnant. He says he couldn’t be happier for them.

In a flashback, Rebecca and Jack bring the Big Three before a judge, who has questions about their home visits. The adoption proceedings end up being rescheduled because the judge wants to speak with Paula, who is absent from the courtroom. But Rebecca isn’t about to let it go, so Jack approaches the judge and demands answers. When the judge brings Rebecca and Jack into his chambers, he explains that he doesn’t believe Randall, “a black boy,” belongs in their home.

Three weeks later, the Pearson family appears before another judge, and they’re immediately granted the adoption of baby Randall.

In present day, over at the prison, Randall and Deja meet up with their social worker, Linda (Debra Jo Rupp), who leads them into the visitors’ area. But when Randall pulls Linda aside to talk, he learns that Deja’s mom, Shauna (Joy Brunson), opted out of seeing her daughter that day. Linda explains that things like this can happen, but Deja’s situation could be much worse.

Randall informs Deja but tells her there was a mix-up on the prison’s end and apologizes for getting her hopes up. Deja admits she’s disappointed and has been collecting her allowance to give to her mom. Randall reassures Deja they will find a way to get her mom the money.

At home, Randall debriefs Beth on his visit with Deja’s mom. He tells her that Shauna wants Deja back, which reminds him of William and his mom Rebecca’s protectiveness and leads him to contemplate the meaning of life. 

Randall returns to the prison to confront Shauna. She explains that she got into an altercation and didn’t want Deja to see her bruised face. Randall lays into her and her life choices and says that despite Deja being very happy living in her new home with him and her new family, she was incredibly disappointed she couldn’t see her mother last week. Shauna is quick to remind him that she and Deja are bound by blood, and there’s nothing he can do to change that. 

Meanwhile, Kevin, in an attempt to salvage his relationship, is at the jewelry store picking out an engagement ring for Sophie. Even though he hasn’t been the best boyfriend, he says he know he really loves her and purchases three (yes, three) rings for his soon-to-be fiancé to choose from.

Back on the East Coast, Kevin finally arrives at Sophie’s place and attempts to explain his three ring situation. He tells her he knows he has nothing to give her and low-key breaks up with her. Sophie confronts him about his recent habits, gets upset and ends up slamming the door in his face. Ouch.

Next, Toby tells Kate he called his mom to drop the baby bomb, and while she was excited about the news, the call was short-lived because she felt the need to call her priest. Suddenly, Toby drops to one knee and showers Kate in compliments before asking her to marry him for reals. And—wait for it—she says yes!

The episode concludes with a familiar scene from when Randall first met William in season one. We see William inside his small apartment getting ready to use drugs, but he’s interrupted by a knock at the door—Randall’s knock at the door.

Same time next week? You know it.

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