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‘This Is Us’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Baby Say What?
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

*Warning: Spoiler alerts ahead*

In this week’s episode of This Is Us, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall Sterling K. Brown struggle to form a relationship with their newly adopted daughter, Deja (Lyric Ross), while Kevin (Justin Hartley) and his knee take a turn for the worse.

Season two, episode four, titled “Still There,” throws us into the midst of winter at a video store with the Pearson clan. Kevin is very obviously under the weather, and his whining prompts the family to head to the hospital where—whaddaya know—Kevin and Kate are both diagnosed with chicken pox. Randall’s off the hook (for now…)

When Rebecca’s mom, Janet (Elizabeth Perkins), pops by to help out with the sick kids, she ends up making their lives even more miserable than their nonstop itching. From raising “street kids” to referring to the Big Three as “the twins and Randall,” Janet pretty much demonstrates what not to do when visiting your extended family, and Rebecca has had enough. She confronts her mother about the way she treats her grandchildren, particularly Randall, and kicks Janet out for being a racist.

Not surprisingly, Randall and Beth are trying their best to form a relationship with Deja despite the fact that she hasn’t washed her hair in two weeks (gross). Randall decides to avoid the “You need to shower” conversation with his newly adopted daughter, but his plan backfires later that night when a girl at the bowling alley tells Deja her unwashed hair is nasty. After a brief physical altercation, Randall (in a total non-Randall move) comes to Deja’s defense, but she makes it very clear he is not her father.

Meanwhile, Kevin is on set and although his abs look great, his knee isn’t looking so good. He’s referred to a doctor who tells him he needs surgery to fix a tear in his cartilage, and he agrees to the surgery as long as the recovery time won’t interfere with his filming schedule.

After the surgery, Kate quickly checks in on Kevin before running to yoga, which leaves Toby (Chris Sullivan) all alone to watch over the patient, who isn’t taking his post-op care seriously.

The next day, Beth attempts to clear the air with Deja and walks in only to find her packing her bags. Deja says she thought she would be kicked out for her behavior, but Beth reassures her they would never do such a thing. But, just as Beth is about to leave, Deja asks for help with her hair, and Beth quickly discovers Deja has alopecia, just like Beth’s sister. The pair bond over their mutual understanding of the disease and opt for a simple braid to cover Deja’s patches.

Later on it’s Randall’s turn to apologize to Deja, and he opens up about his own nervous breakdowns and how he turns to running when he’s stressed out. But when he invites Deja to run with him and hints that it may help her condition, Deja becomes visibly upset that Beth told Randall about their conversation. She retaliates by cutting off her braid.

Cut to Kevin running on the treadmill. Toby, who is just as dumbfounded as we are, unplugs the machine and confronts his future brother-in-law about his odd behavior. Kevin admits to feeling heartbroken. His knee issues forced him to quit football in high school, and now that he has transitioned his passion from football to acting, he isn’t going to let another knee injury derail his plans.

Later on, Kevin tears up while watching home videos from his football glory days featuring a very proud Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia). To suppress his emotions, Kevin pops a few pills he was given by his doctor and then hops into the car to head to work.

The episode closes with a conversation between Kate and a doctor at the hospital, who commends her for her healthy vitamin supply and recent passion for fitness. Kate then tells the doctor she’s been on a health kick because—wait for it—she’s pregnant (!!!). The doctor confirms Kate’s bombshell revelation by performing an impromptu ultrasound. Six weeks along and not a Toby in sight...

Next Tuesday? It’s a date.

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