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‘This Is Us Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: Well Never Let Go, Jack
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

*Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. Loveyoumeanit.*

The wait is over. The season two premiere episode of This Is Us is officially here. Here’s what went down.

It begins just as season one, episode one began: It’s the big three’s birthday. William narrates as the show opens with a montage of Kate celebrating with Toby, Randall obsessing over other people’s babies and Kevin filming a proposal scene for a movie, and we’re almost positive he’s thinking of Sophie.

In a flashback, Rebecca and Jack sit the kids down at a local diner to address the elephant in the room: Mom and Dad are living separately. The big three—to no surprise—overreact, assume divorce and storm out of the diner in tears.

Oh, we also learn that Randall witnessed the fight between Jack and Rebecca in the season one finale. 

Back in present day, Sophie calls Kevin and regretfully tells him she can no longer join him in Los Angeles for the double birthday date they had planned with Toby and Kate. Despite Sophie’s absence, Kate and Kevin move forward with their plans, because it’s their birthday—duh.

As Beth and Randall further explore the possibility of adopting a child, Beth can’t help but feel like her husband is trying to replicate his childhood situation. Beth turns to William (his ghostly debut) for advice.

Randall opens up to Rebecca about Beth’s reservations with adopting a child and presses her for the real story of his own adoption. Rebecca answers him honestly and says that she was mourning the loss of her own child when Randall came into the picture.

Randall then explains to Beth that he chatted with his mother and came to the realization that there is no such thing as a perfect mother. Despite his perfectionism, Randall acknowledges his marriage is “perfectly imperfect.” 

Later on, Beth brings Randall to a park and points out a group of troubled teenagers drinking alcohol from a brown paper bag. She explains that while she knows his parents are wonderful, she doesn’t want to move forward unless they’re going to go all the way. And by all the way, she means taking in an older child from the foster care system who doesn’t have the same opportunities Randall was given.

At the double date third-wheel birthday dinner, Kate and Toby learn that Kevin bought out the entire restaurant for the night’s festivities. But Toby, who would very obviously prefer to have the night alone with Kate, gets upset and storms out when he learns that Kate walked out on her singing audition…and she told Kevin before him, her potential future husband.

In an attempt to clean up the unintentional mess, Kevin explains to Toby he was only trying to ease Kate’s failed audition attempt. This only angers Toby because he’s the one who’s supposed to fulfill that role, not Kevin. But—whaddaya know—the camera pans back to reveal a furious Kate standing behind her two men. She states the obvious, saying, “I’m a 37-year-old woman, I shouldn’t need to be pushed or coddled,” and then hops into a cab to return to her audition. And here comes the kicker: Kevin confronts Toby about their previous altercation and explains that he and Kate have so much more than a brother-sister relationship because (gasp!) she was the one who told him about their dad’s death (!!!).

Cut to the past. Rebecca shows up at Miguel’s house and asks Jack to come home. Jack admits that he’s not only been drunk all day, but he’s been drunk all week. He has a problem, and it’s a big problem that needs to be fixed before he returns home to the kids. Rebecca sees through drunken Jack and refuses to leave without her husband.

Alas, in true This Is Us style, we’re left heartbroken as we witness teenaged Kate and Randall crying on Miguel’s couch mourning Jack’s death. After Kate demands they find Kevin to inform him of the devastating news, the camera cuts to Rebecca sobbing as she sits outside the Pearson home. The camera pans out and we see caution tape surrounding the charred Pearson home. 

Deep breaths. We have seven days to lock it up until episode two.

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