There’s a New ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer and It Might Be the Most Action-Packed One Yet

Ah, the Super Bowl. A time where we come together with family and friends to watch our favorite things on TV—commercials and new movie trailers, of course.

OK, OK, some of us actually watch for the football game itself, but one of the highlights of last night’s Super Bowl had to be the new Captain Marvel trailer. Can we ever get enough of Brie Larson kicking butt? Answer: Never.

The first trailer was released back in September, followed by a second and a special look trailer (Keep. Them. Coming). In case you missed any, here’s a quick recap. Larson stars as Carol Danvers, a human-slash-alien pilot who serves in an elite military squad. She teams up with (young and CGI’d) Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to fight an intergalactic invasion of Skrulls (the bad guys) and afew grandmas along the way.

The new trailer shows Danvers as she goes from pilot to superpowered hero in a series of action-packed scenes. Not much is said throughout the 30-second clip, but the butt-kicking pretty much speaks for itself. We even get some new looks at Fury, as well as Jude’s Law character.

Training and fighting aliens. What more could we possibly ask for in a Marvel trailer? Four words: Higher, further, faster, baby.