And the Winner of ‘The Voice’ Season 18 Is…

Blake Shelton just added another notch to his championship belt.

Last night, Team Blake’s Todd Tilghman was crowned the winner of The Voice season 18. The 42-year-old singer beat out fellow contestants Toneisha Harris, CammWess, Thunderstorm Artis and Micah Iverson for the highly coveted title.

Courtesy of NBC

The exciting news was announced during a special at-home finale of The Voice. It wasn’t your typical reveal with dramatic lights and music, but Tilghman confirmed his reaction was candid. “When my name was called, I blacked out,” he said.

Tilghman is a Mississippi-based pastor, who had never really left his hometown of Meridian…until The Voice. The musician and his wife, Brooke, have eight children together, which includes a combination of biological and adopted kids.

“We’re going to have to figure this out, but my wife promised my kids we would go to Disney World if I won,” Tilghman said.

Courtesy of NBC

This is the seventh win for coach Shelton, who predicts a bright future for Tilghman. “Todd is every bit as talented as the other four, and I think the thing that may have put him over the top is relatability,” Shelton explained. “He’s somebody everybody hopes they can meet one day—I’m not surprised. I wish I had a record label I could sign Todd to, because I would make him a priority. There’s no excuses. It’s time. I want to support him in any way I can.”

Perhaps a future trip to Disney World is a good place to start.

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