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The Most-Liked Wedding Dress on Instagram Is as Over-the-Top as You’d Expect

Has there ever been a wedding dress on Instagram that hasn’t gotten its share of likes? Of course not. But Indonesian bride Intan Azzahra’s custom creation is a horse of a different color. The record-breaking post has racked up (as of now) over 200,000 (!) likes since her wedding day. Take a look.

The stunning ball gown was designed by Ivan Gunawan, who did not hold back with the intricate pearl detailing, iridescent beading, layers upon layers of tulle and an incredible silk train. Azzahra’s Disney-princess-worthy dress looked even more regal with the addition of a pearl-topped tiara and matching teardrop earrings.

Azzahra’s husband, Zendhy Zaen, looked pretty royal himself in a heavily embroidered ivory suit, complete with matching sash and cap. But the couple didn't just stop there. Oh, no.

The newlyweds later changed into coordinating red ensembles, with Azzahra’s second gown being even poufier and more over-the-top than the first. (We know, we didn’t think it was possible, either. Apparently, we were wrong.)

Congratulations to the happy couple, not just on their marriage, but for successfully setting the Insta wedding bar so high that it will likely never be surpassed. Bravo.

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