Kristen Bell Talks ‘The Good Place’ Series Finale & Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Videos

*Warning spoilers ahead*

The series finale of The Good Place aired last night and was packed with emotional moments (and a Nick Offerman cameo).

Over the course of the hour-long episode, titled “Whenever You’re Ready,” each main character—Eleanor (Kristen Bell), Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto)—determines they are ready to “walk through the door.”

the good place

And while the core characters received fitting happy endings, there was a bittersweet finality to what went down. “The fact that once you have everything you’re striving so hard to earn, it’s still not enough,” Bell told Entertainment Weekly. “That what you need to earn is the acceptance of the complex internal decision to let go. It was so beautiful how they made everybody mush in The Good Place because it’s true. There’s one line that really sums it up. ‘A vacation is only so fun because it has an ending.’ If everything were bliss, would everyone be happy? I don’t think so. Part of the drive and the passion is why it’s the journey, not the destination. And I was very happy with the tough-love ending that happened.”

In honor of the final episode, Bell shared photos, videos and behind-the-scenes snaps to her personal Instagram account.

“It’s not goodbye, just see you later in the dot of the "i",” she captioned a pic of herself and co-star Ted Danson.

Looks like that’s all forks folks.