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The Game of Life Has *Finally* Added the Most Important Family Member to the Game
Courtesy of Hasbro

Anyone whose ever lost endless hours playing The Game of Life (hi, summer vacay '98) can tell you that there's always been one egregious flaw to the design. Sure, you go to school, you get a job, you start a family and eventually retire (ideally rich AF)...but what about pets? 

This is why our inner child is so delighted by the game's newest edition, in which you can add the milestone of adopting a cat or dog (sorry hamster lovers) to your life's trajectory. The adorable board addition is manifested by a green cat- or dog-shaped peg to ride around in your "car" with you, as well as a deck of Pet cards to draw from, in addition to House, Action, College and Career. 

Thank you, Hasbro, for acknowledging that pets (even those of plastic peg variety) are a quintessential component of this game we call life. 

Order ($20)

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