A Remake of ‘The Craft’ Is Happening and It’s Getting a Female Director

remake of the craft original cast

Grab your broomsticks and practice your chanting because more than 20 years after the original, a remake of The Craft is in the works and we can’t wait. The reboot of the teen witch classic will be directed by Zoe Lister-Jones, who is also co-writing the script.

The O.G. 1996 horror film follows four Los Angeles private school misfits who practice witchcraft. The friends use magic to punish classmates who have ostracized them—with dire consequences (think hair falling out, bone-chilling nightmares and even death). Directed by Andrew Fleming and starring Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True, the supernatural teen thriller quickly gained a cult following. Fleming has been tapped as one of the executive producers of the remake.

So, will the new film be as spooky as the original? Here’s what we know about the plot so far, per Dazed: “A remake of the 1996 supernatural teen thriller. When starting at a new school, Hannah befriends Tabby, Lourdes, and Frankie & quickly becomes the fourth member of their Clique. Hannah soon learns that she somehow brings great power to the quartet.”

So far, it sounds pretty similar to the ’90s version (but with new names). And while there’s no word yet on casting (fingers crossed Campbell makes an appearance), we’re pretty excited that the girl-led film will be getting a female director. Lister-Jones is known as the star of the CBS sitcom Life in Pieces and is teaming up with Blumhouse Productions (BlacKkKlansman and Get Out) for the new film.

Nineties nostalgia is clearly having a moment—Paramount is in the early stages of developing a new film based on cult classic Clueless and last year 20th Century Fox confirmed a revival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Titanic gets a remake someday soon. (Please, no.)

The Craft remake is reportedly set to start filming in July 2019.

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