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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

  • The Jordan vs. David drama heats up.
  • One contestant is sent to the hospital after a freak accident.
  • Another must choose between his career and the show.

We’re usually faced with petty arguments and far too many egos on The Bachelorette, but on this week’s episode, the contestants delivered not one, but two injuries. (Well played, Chris Harrison.) Here’s what went down. 

bachelorette becca kufrin episode 3
ABC/Paul Hebert

The Spa Day

While the men are trying to stay dry from the rainy weather, it’s clear David and Jordan aren’t over their pointless feud from episode two. David says Jordan spends too much time picking out his outfits, while Jordan accuses David of doing nothing but cooking scrambled eggs all day. Seriously, guys?

The group card (finally) arrives, and it’s addressed to Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, Jean Blanc and Colton. Although Becca Kufrin hints that they’re getting pampered on today’s date, they’re actually lending their spa-day services to the Bachelorette, along with five of her friends from season 22 of The Bachelor: Seinne, Bekah, Caroline, Kendall and—drumroll, please—Tia.

When the men arrive, it’s no secret Tia and Colton feel, like, extremely uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Kufrin lightens the mood when she introduces the group and forgets Jason’s name. Where’s Harrison when you need him?

bachelorette episode 3 becca colton
ABC/Paul Hebert

The Colton Situation

Kufrin pulls Tia aside to clear the air about Colton. Tia says they never established an official relationship and reveals that he was upfront about applying for the show. But did he try out for series with the hope of Tia becoming The Bachelorette? Kufrin wants answers.

Later that night, Jean Blanc is the first to steal her away. While the men wait for their one-on-one time, Jordan brags about his 4,000-plus matches on Tinder. Oh, and not to mention his 100-percent swipe ratio. Barf.

Of course, David wastes no time telling Kufrin about Jordan’s, er, accomplishments. When they return to the group, she gives him a congratulatory high five. Jordan seems pissed that David tried to “wreck his image” and then brushes it off like it’s no big deal, saying, “You’ll never succeed because my image is me.” Um, what?

Meanwhile, Kufrin questions Colton on whether he still has feelings for Tia, and he responds with a well-rehearsed speech about his “strong” feelings for Becca, not Tia. (Ouch.) It pays off, and he gets the rose.

bachelorette becca kufrin chris
ABC/Paul Hebert

The One-on-One

And this week’s one-on-one date goes to…Chris! This time, Kufrin takes him to the iconic Capitol Records, where they meet with Grammy Award–winning artist Richard Marx. After singing along to “Right Here Waiting,” Marx offers to help them write a love song. Chris looks as if he’s seen a ghost. Poor guy.

Despite the fact that Chris is terrified of being vulnerable, they manage to write an impromptu verse that is actually quite impressive.

Later that night, Kufrin asks him why it was so difficult to write a song, and Chris admits that it brought up bad memories from his childhood. When he was 7 years old, his dad left after his parents’ divorce. He recently poured his heart out in a letter to his estranged father and never received a response, and now he’s terrified of getting shut down again.

Kufrin eats it up and gives him a rose, natch.

bachelorette becca kufrin david
ABC/Paul Hebert

David vs. The Bunk Bed

Back at the mansion, chaos erupts when Lincoln finds David slumped on the ground covered in blood. After being wheeled out by the paramedics, Harrison breaks the news to Kufrin…but it’s not what you think. 

Contrary to our original assumption that Jordan finally snapped, David’s injury was self-inflicted. As it turns out, the 25-year-old rolled off his bunk bed and broke his fall with his face.

The good news is Jordan is already “David-proofing” the mansion’s sleeping quarters by installing makeshift bed rails.

becca kufrin bachelorette football group date
ABC/Paul Hebert

Injury No. 2

Up next? Clay, Nick, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Connor and Blake team up for the final group date of the episode. They arrive at a football field only to find jersey-clad Kufrin performing alongside a marching band. For today’s date, she enlisted two stars from the Legends Football League to coach the men through a series of tough drills. To no surprise, Lincoln is by far the most uncoordinated player. On the other hand, Clay is totally in his element.

After their warm-up, they split into two teams for “The Becca Bowl.” Clay steals the show and scores a touchdown at the last second to tie the score. But the celebrations are put on hold when he casually tells Kufrin that he broke his wrist. Cue ambulance number two.

Later that night, Clay arrives late to the after-party, wearing an arm brace. Kufrin, of course, gives him the sympathy group date rose.

bachelorette episode 3 becca clay
ABC/Paul Hebert

The Big Decision

The next day, Kufrin is enjoying the cocktail party when Clay pulls her aside and reveals his wrist is worse than expected. He says that although he wants to stay, his career comes first, and he needs to take care of himself before the season resumes. Much to our dismay, he gives up his rose and leaves. *Grabs tissue*

How bad is David’s injury? Will Jordan make it through the next rose ceremony? Find out when The Bachelorette returns to ABC on Monday, June 18, at 8 p.m.

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